Give me 5 minutes, and I’ll give you the step-by-step formula that allowed a lost, broke, depressed 20 something to find his passion, get his dream job, discover his purpose in life, and get on the path to living his dream lifestyle.

Hi. I’m Alexander Heyne.

If you don’t know me yet (first, you should), I’m the dude who writes Milk the Pigeon.

I’ve been featured on some of the biggest sites on the web like INC magazine and have been interviewed by the Huffington Post Live Team. More than 3/4 Million readers stop by Milk the Pigeon each year.

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What Separates “Lost” 20 Somethings From, Well, “Not Lost” 20 Somethings

In 2009 I graduated from a top US college with a bachelor’s degree in biology, and couldn’t get a job in my field.

No, in fact, I couldn’t find a job at all, so I took the first thing that I could find.

The pay was great, the hours were even more awesome, but by the end of my first year working there I felt like my life was pointless. I had all the physical, material stuff, but life was just unfulfilling. It wasn’t what I wanted.

I had everything I was taught to want. Everything we’re told to go after.

But I wasn’t happy.  And what bothered me was that it wasn’t logical. I had everything I needed and even most of the stuff I wanted.

But still my day to day life felt pretty meaningless.  As time went on, I started going for long mindless drives in my car to keep my depressed head busy.

One day I decided this couldn’t go on for long and that it was becoming a little ridiculous.  It was my life, and I didn’t like it.

I thought, “What the hell?  I have the opportunity to do *anything* in the world and I’m sitting here being miserable?”

So I did what any logical person would do. I moved to China for awhile.

Living in China for a year gave me one crystal clear insight: the purpose of life is to live out your own meaningful story, and the only way you can achieve that is by carefully, deliberately crafting it.

It won’t happen on its own.

Thus, upon my return to the United States in late 2011 Milk the Pigeon was born.

I’ve met a lot of people in my time and in my travels (I’ve traveled to over 50 countries and have lived on 3 continents), but have very rarely met people truly satisfied with life. Usually it’s their job, but often it’s a much deeper form of discontent.

Being a disillusioned youth I thought: “What the hell? This is ridiculous, we’re living lives that we hate in some way!? Screw that… I’d rather live as a traveling hobo and ditch the real world.”  

I decided then and there that I would do whatever it takes to live the kind of life I didn’t see people living. A meaningful, deliberate, passionate, un-fucking-believably epic life.

The reality though, was that this was a lot harder.

For example, right after I got back from China, I tried to start a business.

Two years later, I still hadn’t made more than a few thousand dollars.

Shit. This “epic story” I wanted to write with my life was becoming significantly harder to figure out.

But over the months and (grueling) years, I started to piece together answers to some questions, like:

  • What separates people that feel really lost in life, from those who live insanely meaningful lives?
  • How on earth do you find your passion? Is it really as easy as doing a few exercises in a book? (My answer: hell no).
  • If I’m at a crossroads in life, is there a foolproof system for almost always figuring out which path to take, even when you have NO CLUE and feel like you have a million choices?
  • If I’m just doing well, but I’m not happy – I’m existing, not living – what’s the quickest route to a meaningful existence?

… And over the years, the solutions to these puzzles became clearer and clearer.

I’m about to share these with you.



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How Coaching With Me Will Help You Do More in the Next 3 Months, Than You’ve Done In the Past 3 Years

Working with me is life putting your life on steroids.

Imagine more progress in 3 months with me, than in the past 3 years of your life. This isn’t hype, this is a promise.

People sometimes (or often) have just one conversation with me and life is never the same.

I mean just think about it – what I’m going to introduce you to is several key paradigm shifts – ways you think about the world that change everything.

Sometimes it takes more than one conversation, but sometimes it doesn’t.

Here’s what I mean by life on steroids.

I wanna give you a few scenarios where this will flip your life upside down.


Find your passion or ideal career?

You’re probably so eager to stop working on jobs and projects that make you want to drive your car into a tree.. and finally figure out what you LOVE to do.

You figure, life is short, what the hell am I doing sitting in this shitty, boring, dead end job, that I couldn’t care less about. The wise men always told us to “do what you love and the money will follow, right?”

But you aren’t quite sure what you actually love… or maybe you know what you love, you just don’t see how in the hell it would become a viable career (like photography, or traveling, or some other hobby).

You know that there are people getting paid for their passions, but you aren’t sure how they do it. And you still need to really crystallize on ONE thing, because you have a ton of hobbies and passions. You’re wondering how in the hell you’re supposed to pick just one.

After working with me you’ll feel like this:

  • You’ll know my counterintuitive “passion formula” – why, despite going through dozens of books and even paid programs to “find your passion” – it got me no closer. And what eventually did help me re-discover it.
  • You’ll know the truth about why you don’t need to choose one passion
  • You’ll now know how you can get paid for your passion if you know what it is (and how I am, and many others do)
  • Why passion is actually overrated in careers – and what is a much better predictor of job happiness and satisfaction (aka not hating your 9-5)


Find your dream job?

Maybe your job sucks, or it’s bearable, or maybe you’ve been “bearing it” for 2, 5, or 10 years (or more). You went the safe and secure route, and now just about the only thing safe is you taking your xanex or getting hammered on the weekend because you realize that you hate your job, and you want to quit it and start living again.

You just want to get away from it. From everything. But especially your job. Dumb coworkers, a douchebag (or she-bitch) boss, and an industry you couldn’t care less about… it made sense at the time when you graduated (maybe your family encouraged you to do it because it was safe and secure), but now you’re really dying inside and you hate it.

After working with me you’ll feel like this, and will know:

  • You’ll get my exact step-by-step process for figuring out what your dream job actually is – through a method that involves no thinking or reading – just action and results
  • Inspired – you’ll have job-acquiring strategies that actually work, unlike these stupid advice columns for job hunting today. It’s the most effective, counter-intuitive career advice I’ve ever seen (don’t you dare send in another stupid resume)
  • How to break into a brand new industry, even if you have no skills and no connections
  • How to get world class connections even if you’re introverted
  • How 99% of the dream job positions actually get filled (Hint: it’s NOT what you’re doing or what your parents tell you, unfortunately)


Feeling totally lost, wondering “what next?” and feeling like you’ve lost your fire and excitement for life.

Right now you probably feel like you’re standing at the edge of space. The universe. Literally.

You’re peering into an insane amount of possibilities, and it makes you do a whole lot… of nothing. Zero. Zilch. no action.

In fact, it’s probably been a couple years since you’ve seen real progress and real happiness in your life. You’ve felt stagnant, like you’re just existing, not living.

And you know there’s nothing wrong with you… you’re just in a weird slump and you can’t quite figure out how to get out of it.

You try to logically approach it: “There are a few major things I can do… ” but it sounds insanely overwhelming. It sounds like you have a million different paths you can take and it paralyzes you.

Sometimes you just wish you had someone to bounce ideas off, and to push you and hold you accountable.

… After working with me, you’ll feel like this and know:

  • The clarity principle – My #1 strategy for figuring out what in the hell path you should take if you’re at a CROSSROADS
  • If you’re absolutely overwhelmed with options – how to hone in and take action
  • If you think you have no options for which path to take, how to discover them with the “inner window” technique
  • Why you’re in a slump – no, you aren’t depressed – and why you don’t have to be anymore
  • The 3 key habits that guide my entire life – the ones that took me out of the darkness of being at a crossroads for 3 years, and then exploded my progress in just a few months


– How can I help with all these?

These situations are all “dark zones” in life. Spots in life where you’re standing on a cliff looking out at a million opportunities. We’ve sailed to a foreign land, we’re now peering into the darkness, and are terrified at that next step… it’s in the dark after all.

The dark has wolves, bears, tigers, little nagging mosquitoes, and no path for me to follow! Of course I’m not going to go there…

But what you don’t see is that just a few miles up this road, this path in the dark, everybody is happy and celebrating.

In fact, there’s always a celebration going on. And they’re waiting for you – but the thing is that from your position at the end of the cliff, the edge of the forest, you can’t see that. But if you were to walk through the woods, and arrive at these great festivities, you would have realized how silly it was all along that you were afraid.

But the sad truth is that most people do not act, and thus never learn about the party, the massive celebration, the epic life, just ahead in the road. It’s because they’re too afraid or overwhelmed, and fail to take action.

I’m here to guide you along that path and bring you to the party. Life is one big epic party, and it’s meant to be lived that way.

But if you don’t take steps into the darkness, you’ll never know.

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